Music at the CBC


At Cumberland Baptist Church, we believe that worship is a way of life. God created us to have a living, growing relationship with Him and He is truly ‘worthy of our praise!’ Worship is about the heart……..and it doesn’t just happen on Sundays and Wednesdays!

Music is an integral part of our corporate worship each week. We currently have two Sunday morning worship services.  The first service at 9:00am is a contemporary service, which consists of music heard today on many contemporary music stations.  This contemporary service uses a praise band with a combination of guitars, drums, keyboard, electric bass, violin and other instruments to accompany worship leaders and congregation.  The second service at 11:00 am is a traditional service, which uses hymnals and a printed order of service.  This traditional service uses piano and organ (currently, the organ accompanist position is vacant) to accompany the choir and hymns.

During both services there is a meet and greet time as well as a gathering time occurring after the first service and prior to Sunday School. These greet and gather times allow church members and visitors to fellowship with each other.

Digitally projected words are used for the music in the contemporary service and a combination of hymnals and projected words in the traditional service. There is also a Sunday

Our children and youth are an integral part of our ministry and participate in Youth Sunday and musical presentations. A youth and college band leads a student (and whoever wants to attend) worship service on Wednesday nights.

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